Red Dog Pet Resort and Spa

Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa

On a Mission

By Kathy Hosler

The Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa is Cincinnati’s first purpose built facility designed for four-legged family members,” says Ray Schneider, owner of southwestern Ohio’s vacation destination for pets. “Our main goal is to provide the best for everyone’s pets,” he continues enthusiastically. “We try to put everything in one location - boarding, training, daycare, grooming, aquatics, our dog park, pet boutique, and more.”

Red Dog Resort has been serving guests for seven years. During its design and construction phase, things such as sound control, air purification and circulation, and comfortable, clean accommodations for canine and feline guests, were important considerations. When clients and their pets enter the Red Dog Resort & Spa, they immediately notice the quiet, spacious, odor-free, and clean environment.

Photographs by Red Dog

“Security and cleanliness are two of our primary concerns,” says Mr. Schneider. “We have staff on duty 24/7 in addition to smoke detectors, fire alarms, overhead sprinklers, and video surveillance systems in our facility. Our laundry, dishes, toys, and play equipment are disinfected daily. Even our air is filtered six times per hour.”

The resort can accommodate over 250 overnight canine and feline guests with both dorm rooms and suites. There are 4’ X 6’ and 8’ X 6’ dorm rooms available, some with an exterior fenced patio. The suites are the most popular lodging option providing the ultimate in exclusive accommodations. Each of the forty-three private suites has a custom raised bed and a flat screen television. Many of the suites have webcams, so the owners can view their pets via the internet. Whether it is football, a royal castle or a tropical destination, each suite has a colorful wall mural along with the theme. The pet’s owners can select their favorites – whether it be the Cincinnati Bengals, I Love Lucy, King’s Island or a resort destination like Italy.

The feline guests are also treated to a vacation of luxury when they stay at Red Dog Resort. Felines have their choice of private condos or suites with multi-level lodging. They enjoy bird watching through the large window at the front of their private room, well away from the canine area. There is a spacious play area filled with toys and a custom built climbing kitty play tree for enjoying during a private playtime experience.

All guests at the resort can enjoy a large variety of extra services and amenities. Yappy or Meow hour offers a variety of yummy treats owners can request for their pets. Special one-on-one playtimes can be scheduled with owners selecting options such as ‘Crazy dog’ high activity sessions, or ‘Lazy dog’, providing a quieter experience for their pet. There’s even a ‘tuck-in’ service for a quiet tummy rub or story before bed.

The Aquatics Center features a spectacular, indoor heated pool specially designed so dogs have easy access into and out of the water. Dogs have private sessions with a Fitness Practitioner for a Fun Splash Time or a Water Fitness Swim. Older dogs and dogs recovering from injuries/surgery benefit from and enjoy the zero-impact soothing warmth of the pool. Even overweight and couch potato dogs enjoy the zero gravity water workouts. The wellbeing of guests during play continues the emphasis on safety at Red Dog. During daycare activities, dogs are grouped according to size and activity level. Daycare averages 135 dogs a day with low, safe staff-to-guest ratios. Depending on the weather, daycare pets can enjoy indoor or outdoor playrooms filled with puppy playground equipment, fun toys, doggie pools and caring supervisors.

Whether it is football, a royal castle or a tropical destination, each suite has a colorful wall mural along the theme.

Another amenity setting Red Dog Resort apart from many other pet care facilities is their ‘Member’s Only’ three acre outdoor dog park adjacent to the resort with a double entry gate accessed with a personal access code. Real grass and shade trees set apart this park complete with play equipment, walking trails, and a water area fun for playing and splashing. Water fountains for people and dogs, plenty of benches for the owners, twenty-four hour video surveillance, and multiple doggie waste stations (so owners can pick up after their pets) make this unique park a fun, safe environment for the dogs.

The premier Dog Training Services offered by the resort are a big hit with pet owners. Red Dog offers both onsite and in-home training utilizing either group or private class settings. Basic obedience is only the start. Training also includes Agility, Fly ball classes, Behavior Modification, Urban Behavior (a big hit) and more. Additionally, the ability to have their dog trained while boarding is also available to owners.

And, what vacation would be complete without enjoying a visit to a spa? Red Dog offers grooming and spa services seven days a week – enabling pet owners to be greeted by a freshly groomed pet upon pickup.

Red Dog also helps busy pet parents by offering pick-up and delivery of pets for boarding or any of the other services provided. Pets ride in style in the colorful Red Dog van while enjoying door-to-door service.

Being part of the community is important to Red Dog Resort. They sponsor many community activities and events such as pet adoptions, Santa photos and the Red Dog Soap Box Derby. Each year Red Dog hosts its Howl-o-ween party complete with a best dressed costumed pet, look-alike owner and pet and cutest costume contests.

Real grass and shade trees set apart this park complete with play equipment, walking trails, and a water area fun for playing and splashing.

Red Dog has grown to include resorts in Boston, Massachusetts and the brand new location in Maineville, Ohio. The Maineville location is very close to the Kings Island Amusement and Water Park. This Red Dog Resort location features an expanded daycare area to allow dogs to play while their owners visit Kings Island. Webcams will allow owners to check in on their pets during the day via the internet. It’s really a win-win for everyone – the owners are enjoying their vacation and they can see their pets are having lots of fun too.

“Our mission is to provide high quality service, care, and amenities to our four-legged friends – while instilling an ease of mind for their owners,” says Mr. Schneider.

Looks like it’s ‘mission accomplished’ at the Red Dog Resorts.

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