How to Spruce Up Your Kennel for the Fall

How to Spruce Up Your Kennel for the Fall

By Jason and Steven Parker

Relaxing warm beach breezes, sun shining, waves rolling in... Ahh, the relaxation of vacation is in the air! We know when we’re away we would hate to be worrying about anything, especially not our furry family members while they stay at a facility. When our clients choose to entrust Fido to our care in our facility, we want to make sure he has a safe and comfortable “home away from home.”

As part of the dog boarding community, we all aim to provide comfortable and spacious boarding for our guests and as true animal lovers, it is imperative that we take pride in every detail. Whether considering safety, cleanliness or décor; providing the safest, most comfortable and fun environment is priority. Below you’ll find ways to spruce up your own kennels for maximum comfort and convenience, and some key ways to keep your customers coming back.

Sprucing up your kennel starts with touching up worn areas, especially in places that are used the most during the busy summer season. Entryways, walkways and lobbies generally need the most attention since these areas are seen first by clients and you will always want your first impression to be a good one.

When choosing the right colors, or changing the color scheme of your boarding facility, it is important take into consideration the feel and atmosphere of the room you are painting. For instance, warm colors in your lobby give off a very inviting impression which can make first time pet owners feel welcome.

Always make sure to use soft colors and environmentally friendly and pet safe paint in order to bring new light to dark areas of the facility. This technique can also be used to help expand smaller spaces, which is a low cost option to give your facility a great vibe.

Got signs?
Make sure to replace any old or sun-worn signage on the interior and exterior of your facility to remain professional. Your goal should be to make a lasting impression for the right reasons so that your customers spread the word about your location.

Feeling is Everything
Many first time customers to boarding facilities can be wary because of past experiences or horror stories they have heard from friends. This means that when making an important decision, such as to leave a beloved pet in a new place, they will trust their gut and instincts most of all. In order to help assure them that your facility is the right fit, it must FEEL like the right fit.

Hanging fun animal prints throughout the facility is a nice touch and makes clients feel comfortable. To keep things fresh, these prints can be seasonal and change as the months go by. By providing colorful and lively artwork, you’re providing a homey atmosphere for clients and employees.

Always be genuine in your choice of décor. If you truly feel that you’re putting your best foot forward and providing a welcoming environment, chances are you’re right. But always be mindful of how your guest feels and be sure to accommodate their feelings about your facility whenever possible.

Safety First!
For safety reasons, replace old, worn down fences whether they are wood or wired. This will keep dogs safely inside and it also ensures the area will look clean and sturdy. The worst thing that could ever happen at your facility would be for anyone to escape or get hurt.

Additionally, replace old or broken fixtures such as windows, frames, doors and handles for maximum protection and efficiency. Ceiling tiles should be replaced if stained or worn and unpainted areas should be patched.

We always recommend calling in an expert for repairs, but be especially careful when dealing with plumbing and electricity. You never want a $75 fix to turn into a $7,500 disaster! Remember, safety always comes first!

Clean, Clean and Clean Some More
Cleaning properly can be your most cost effective and often overlooked asset when transitioning into a new season with your facility.

It makes for a good habit to take stock of all your supplies quarterly or monthly to maintain stability and ensure cleanliness. Be sure to replace cleaning supplies often. This becomes most important after the busiest boarding months. It will reduce the spread of bacteria, especially with mops, which should be replaced more often in warmer months because they are used the most often at this time.

Safety also becomes an issue when dealing with cleaning. Never use solutions that could be harmful to pets and be careful when using scented cleaners. Remember, most pets have heightened olfactory senses so we should always be mindful.

There are many new products out these days that are great for sanitation, safe for pets and also environmentally friendly. You can even promote your dedication to pets and the environment as an added value to customers choosing your facility. Happy Boarding!

K-9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel was founded in 2005 by brothers Steven & Jason Parker in Fanwood, N.J. When in their early teens, their parents denied them a dog of their own, so the entrepreneurial pair opened a professional pet-sitting business to prove they were not only willing, but ready to care for a dog. That business not only became a highly profitable enterprise that they sold for a six-figure sum in 2006, that revenue became the expansion fuel for their burgeoning K-9 Resorts business. The business, which is the only facility in New Jersey to have been rated #1 by multiple major publications, is now positioned for franchise growth throughout the Northeast U.S. K-9 Resorts is ranked #1 in its category by the Courier Times & by New Jersey Monthly. To learn more about K-9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel and potential franchise opportunities, visit the company’s website

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