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You buy Groceries from the Grocery Store and…. Pets from the Pet Store?

By Rebecca Shipman

Rebecca Shipman - Managing Editor

Within the following pages, you will find multiple articles relating to employee training, policies, and procedures. If you are a facility owner, you, of all people, know how important all of those things are. They make your facility run smoother and safer, and everyone’s on the same page.

Say one of your employees forgets to ask a client checking in if their dog has been exhibiting any recent signs of illness. And the client doesn’t think to mention that hacking noise the dog has been making since last week’s visit to the dog park.

Fast forward three days and now you have a crisis on your hands. Even if the root of the problem is identified (employee not following the correct check–in process), all the owners of the sick dogs and next week’s clients who now have to make other arrangements, are not going to be blaming that one employee. They will be blaming the facility, which translates to you, as the owner.

Employees who are given clear direction, extensive training, and plenty of feedback will have the opposite effect on your company. Compliments and good reviews will be rolling in. Again, this will reflect on you/your facility, so it’s your job to praise the outstanding employees and encourage them to want to keep up the good work.

If you are a one-man (or woman) show, all of this still applies to you. You want your procedures to be consistent and you want to be prepared for any situation that may arise. So instead of “flying by the seat of your pants”, take some time to sit down and write up your own handbook. What if you do end up needing to hire help? This is one task that you’ll be able to effortlessly check off the list with a smile on your face.

Maybe you are an employee and all of this is out of your hands. If you think your company needs a little more structure, make a suggestion!

In this industry, your days are not “cut and dry”; they are not clock in, sit at desk, clock out. They are dog fights, injuries, messes, and hopefully a lot of fun. Make it a little easier on yourself by adding some structure to your days so you can be proud of your business, your employees, and that person looking back at you in the mirror.

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