From the Editor

Get in the Game!

By Cindy Agoncillo

March Madness. It’s that time of year when “Sweet 16” means more than just a teenager’s birthday and when you find intense competition both on and off the court. As college basketball teams from all over the country battle it out for the NCAA Division I Championship, millions of people attempt to predict the winner and compete against coworkers, friends, and family in March Madness pools. You can even find President Obama’s bracket on the White House website. A couple years ago, some of Barkleigh’s staff created a bracket that used the team mascots to predict the winner, but the Syracuse Orange and Harvard Crimson posed quite a challenge. What do you do when the mascot is a color?

This newest issue of Pet Boarding & Daycare proves that competition is not reserved for basketball courts and sports bars but extends into the business world and the pet care industry, too. Not only do you compete against other facilities for new business, but you also compete against yourself as you strive to beat last year’s numbers and figures.

In “Real and New Threats for Your Boarding Business," Laura Laaman takes a look at some of the major players that might be defeating your business, from websites that match pet owners with pet sitters to your own customer service practices. Top Dog Eileen Proctor will help you gain the competitive edge with her advice about strategic visibility and marketing (“Get the ‘Leg Up’ on Your Competition”).

Athletes who want to stay in the game and avoid season-ending injuries must keep their bodies in top shape. As they head for the national championship, they recognize the value of proper training and exercise. Likewise, it is important to keep your boarding and daycare facilities in top shape with proper maintenance and care. In the final article of his series, “Four Factors for Flooring Success,” Grant Loyd explains how to maintain your flooring and prevent season-ending damages and costly repairs.

Victory is in reach. What’s your game plan?

– Cindy Agoncillo, Managing Editor

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