From the Editor

Eat, Sleep, Work, Learn... .Repeat

By Rebecca Shipman

Rebecca Shipman - Managing Editor

Most of you eat, sleep and breathe the pet boarding industry. And you’re lucky if you run into another one of your “kind,” outside your facility once or twice a year. But what if there were over 600 of you, in the same place, at the same time? Throw in some industry experts with tons of advice to share and great products and services at your fingertips that you’ve only read about on the internet or seen in our magazine. If you attended the 2014 Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo, in Hershey, PA, the second week of November, this is the very situation that you found yourself in.

With nearly 700 attendees, 28 seminars and almost 50 trade show vendors, the 2014 Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo was the biggest to date, and we have all of you to thank! We know you work hard and for some of you this was probably your vacation for the year. We’re glad you chose to spend it with us.

We had attendees from across the country –even from different countries– and everyone was there because they love what they do and were eager to learn more. Remodeling, building a new facility, marketing strategies, staff management, vaccine protocols, and off-leash play are just some of the topics our attendees enthusiastically soaked up. There’s never enough time in the shorter seminars for all the questions to be answered, so our round table luncheons were a great place to network and talk with your peers on subjects of your choice.

If you missed out on this great opportunity, our west coast Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo is coming up in May. If California is a little too far for you to travel, then there’s always next year! As always, we welcome your suggestions; whether they be for article ideas or seminars you would like to see at future shows, your feedback is what keeps us current and we hope to make 2015 our most successful year yet!

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