Spring Cleaning for Pets

Spring Cleaning for Pets

By Laura Pakis

It’s Springtime. A time for rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, and regrowth. It’s a great time to think about your business, fix up things, and maybe come up with some new ideas to add revenue to your business. This season, why not encourage your clients to “spring clean” their pet? Every pet can benefit from a thorough cleaning once a year, and it might spark an interest in the products and services you offer.

Inspect the pet equipment. As professionals, we do this on a regular basis, but Spring is a good time to persuade your clients to clean, wash, and disinfect all their grooming supplies as well as pet collars and leashes. Suggest they check their leashes for breaks and the clasp for proper closure and replace them if needed. Recommend they clean, wash, and disinfect all of their pet’s bowls as well as the surfaces beneath the food and water bowls and containers. Lastly, urge them to empty the pet food closet or bin and disinfect that area, too.

Give the pet’s toys a once over. Propose on the first day of Spring they pick up all their pet’s toys and give them a quick once-over, discarding any that are no longer used or are too frayed or worn. Boil or wash (with soap and hot water) any toys that can withstand it; launder or otherwise clean those that cannot. Consider offering an incentive for “trading in” their old toys.

Thoroughly groom their pet. We all know that regular brushing keeps a pet’s coat clean and helps condition his skin. Overgrown nails can cause discomfort, making it difficult to walk. Provide a discount on baths, nail trims, and teeth brushing as a Spring incentive.

Scrutinize the pet’s favorite spots. Spring is a great time to get those pet beds, blankets, and crate pads in the washer or out in the fresh air. Very hot water (and a hot dryer) work well to kill any fleas that may have found their way into a pet’s bed. If the bedding holds cedar chips, Spring is the time to change them.

Examine their pet. Are vaccinations current? What about flea and tick control? Spring is a great time to review the pet’s records and have a yearly physical checkup.

Finally encourage your clients to head outdoors and grab the pooper-scooper. Suggest cleaning up the feces while it’s still half-frozen; they’ll thank you on the first warm day of the season.

There are few rites more satisfying than the annual clean. A thorough spring cleaning for the pet will help prevent problems in the future, and it’s just another way to show your clients you care about them.

Laura Pakis is an experienced certified professional trainer and owner/founder of Acme Canine. Pakis is well known throughout the canine community for quality dog care, high standards, and professionalism. Published author in several national and local magazines, invited speaker by the media and pet equipment companies for canine expertise, Laura Pakis assists dog trainers worldwide with improving their training techniques, people skills, and business knowledge. She has been nominated for Pet Business of the Year, Better Business Bureau’s Integrity Award and the Women in the Pet Industry Woman of the Year award.

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