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Best Flooring Solutions For Your Facility

Best Flooring Solutions For Your Facility

By Mark Bekker

With pets being such a significant part of the family in an increasing number of households, the animal care and boarding industries are quickly expanding. When away from home due to business travels or extended holidays, animal owners are using kennel services more and more to take care of their pets.

At kennels, the goal is to have floor surfaces that are safe, hygienic, and easy to clean, yet still be kind to delicate paw pads. With the proper flooring system, it is easy to achieve this goal. When an establishment is planning to install new flooring, choosing the right option will help make the operation less dangerous, more sanitary, and above all, healthier for our furry friends.

Boarding kennel floors are subjected to the inevitable scuffs, scratches, and stains because of the high traffic they endure on a daily basis. These sites need to choose building materials that will consistently offer a clean and appealing environment. Epoxy Flooring is a great option for doggy hotels and boarding kennels since it’s both extremely hygienic and slip resistant.

The epoxy resin coating works great on cement, concrete screeds, and epoxy mortars. The coating also comes in a variety of colors, and it is water dilutable, water vapor permeable and also odorless.

Listed below are some of the primary advantages in selecting epoxy floor coating for your doggy hotel and boarding kennel:

Another great option is Interlocking Vinyl Flooring because of its durability, grip, and shock absorbing properties, making it especially suitable for play areas.

This interlocking tile enables quick and efficient installation on any firm, flat surface, resulting in flooring that is stylish and uniform. Not only does it create an attractive floor covering but it also provides an anti–slip safety feature.

Interlocking vinyl flooring is a great looking interlocking alternative for a durable floor surface. Below are some of the primary benefits associated with interlocking vinyl flooring:


Keeping a kennel and play area clean and sanitary is crucial, and a smooth, seamless kennel flooring system is not only preferred in function and endurance, but offers less challenging cleaning. When it comes to the health and well–being of your animals, there’s no substitute for attention to detail.

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