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You buy Groceries from the Grocery Store and…. Pets from the Pet Store?

By Rebecca Shipman

Rebecca Shipman - Managing Editor

If you’re a commercial potato farmer, you would harvest your potatoes, probably send them off to a processing or packing plant and never see that potato again, or probably never wonder what kind of life that potato would have.

An unsuspecting consumer may wander into the produce section of the grocery store and pass the potatoes, which might spark the thought to buy said potato. They would take this potato to the checkout where the cashier would not ask what kind of life this potato will have with its new owner, and will certainly not ask for references. That potato may end up neglected, given away, abandoned alongside the road, or, if it’s lucky, be consumed and enjoyed, as it was intended.

A potato is not a living, breathing being with feelings, wants, and needs. So why is this an acceptable way to also purchase a puppy? We’ve come a long way from every corner pet store having adorable puppies and kittens in the windows, ready to be purchased at a moment’s notice. But there are still many pet store owners, consumers, and breeders that see this as a perfectly acceptable way to add a new member to your family.

We are in the thick of laws being passed all over the country to ban pet stores from selling puppies supplied by commercial breeders – most only allowing the adoption of pets from local shelters. These laws are currently being passed on the municipality level; not yet by state.

Nearly 100 municipalities have passed this law, or one of similar accordance. Some of the major cities include Los Angeles, Chicago, and Phoenix. Just this week (2/22/16), the first municipality in New York State (Mamaroneck, NY) passed the law prohibiting the sale of commercially bred puppies and kittens and mandating only the sale of shelter animals. With the participation of small towns and large cities alike, this law is well on its way to becoming a country wide ruling.

This law will hopefully do away with irresponsible breeders - who are only in for the profit, and bring the responsible breeders – who make sure their puppies are going to the perfect home, and shelter dogs to the forefront and, eventually, be the only option for adding a dog or cat to your family.

Now, as for those potatoes…the future does not look promising.

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