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The “Scoop” on Pet Waste Removal as an Add-on Service

The “Scoop” on Pet Waste Removal as an Add-on Service

By Rhonda Sanderson

Passionate about dogs and their business, Jessica and James Friley, the owners of Man’s Best Friend Pet Resort in Belton, Missouri, have recently added another service to their business. The couple was looking for ways to increase their revenue stream and still cater to their dog clientele year-round.  When customers are not boarding their pets, this new service provides weekly contact with them and offers a solution to the pesky poop situation while serving the environment.  

After much research, the answer seemed to be to add a pet waste removal service to their burgeoning boarding service. The Frileys did their due diligence on the industry and found out that many dog owners are willing to pay someone else to do this unpleasant but necessary task.

The Frileys became franchisees of Pet Butler, a pet waste removal service, in January 2020. Now this duo is removing one pesky chore for pet owners. The waste removal end of their business provides dog poop-scooping services and pet waste removal to homes and multi-family communities. The Frileys are bringing this convenience to customers in their region. In Missouri, they service Belton, Grandview, Raymore, Pleasant Hill and Peculiar. In Kansas, they service Leawood, Olathe, Overland Park and Stillwell. 

 “We originally thought that most people would find this convenient and worthwhile because they were so busy and at jobs and school most of the day. To our surprise, it is even more valued now, during the pandemic, because more members of the family are at home, still working and busy, but spending more time on their premises. A clean outdoor space, often a respite from online conference calls and online classes for the kids, free of germs, is an even bigger priority now,” said Jessica Friley.

As an essential business during the pandemic, the Frileys feel they are providing a needed service to keep yards clean and healthy. At the end of the day, all the waste collected is disposed of at the waste receptacle. Customers can pay weekly or prepay for a month at a time for waste removal services. 

“Adding this service to our business was a smooth transition, and the extra revenue stream and weekly contact with our clients just strengthened relationships. We feel we are now serving the community further,” said Jessica. 

Rhonda Sanderson is a franchise expert who has owned and operated Sanderson & Associates and Sanderson PR, both specializing in traditional, social media and crisis
PR in the franchise space since 1986. 

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