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Professional Pet Boarding Certification Launches Level 1 and 2 Online Courses

Professional Pet Boarding Certification Launches Level 1 and 2 Online Courses

By Staff

The wellbeing of the pets in your care—and the reputation of your pet care facility—depend widely on understanding pet behavior and handling, facility sanitation, safety and disease prevention. Professional Pet Boarding Certification (PPBC) has taken the previous Outstanding Pet Care Learning Center’s (and prior to that, Pet Care Service Association’s) educational program and expanded and updated it to include the latest information ranging from immunizations and zoonotic diseases to canine and feline behavior and nutrition. 

This certification program surpasses any other industry training available with many courses featuring photos and videos to illustrate concepts and techniques as well as immediate on-line testing and certificates. PPBC offers two levels of certification; Level 1 for general pet care staff and Level 2 for those in the manager or supervisor roles, as well as select individual courses.

Professional Pet Boarding Certification Level 1

Level 1 is designed for entry–level pet care technicians and provides a better understanding of what pet care involves on a day–to–day basis. Level 1 is best used as a proactive training tool to assure comprehensive and consistent information to all pet care staff. Some of the class subjects of Level 1 include Canine & Feline Familiarization, Employee Safety in the Pet Care Facility and Nutrition.

Professional Pet Boarding Certification Level 2

Level 2 provides even more detailed, comprehensive and advanced information for senior staff, supervisors and managers, or anyone that has completed PPBC Level 1 and wants to take their pet care education and training to the next level. Some of the class subjects of Level 2 include Personal Success Development, Anatomy & Physiology and Potential Pet Illnesses in Pet Care Facilities.

Upon completing each class of both Level 1 and Level 2, you will be prompted to take a multiple choice quiz, which requires a passing score to be awarded successful completion of the class. Once all classes are completed successfully, you will automatically be emailed your official certificate, stating that you are Professional Pet Boarding certified in Level 1 or Level 2. You will also receive a badge to share on social media to showcase your certification.

Individual Courses

PPBC also offers three individual certificate courses, which cater to those who work in or own facilities offering group play or daycare. These courses can be completed individually or in addition to either Level 1 or Level 2.

The Level 1 classes can also be purchased individually, with a badge issued for each completed class. Level 2 must be completed as a whole certification, as the classes are not offered individually. 

Great pet care does not happen by accident or come without hard work. Pet care facility owners and managers often struggle with how to share the abundance of valuable information necessary to care for pets. Taking the time to communicate everything they know could take years. Rather than teaching employees in a reactive manner—discussing issues only after serious situations have occurred—PPBC’s comprehensive curriculum provides proactive preparation to promote a positive pet care experience, and recognize and prevent often avoidable problems. Also, having a certification in an unregulated industry really helps to show your clients your dedication to your role in caring for their pets, both as an employee and as a manager. 

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