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Planning for a Tremendous 2022

Planning for a Tremendous 2022

By Annalisa Berns

Each day can bring its own challenges, so it’s important to plan out the year to stay on track. Daily tasks and emergencies easily distract from the big picture. One minute it is January 1st, the next minute all the toilet paper disappears, and then before you know it the year is over; leaving you feeling as though you’re always behind and not accomplishing your goals. So, let’s get a head start on that calendar for 2022 to set you and your business up for the best year yet!

One of the most important things to schedule out in advance is a business yearly calendar with time off.  Have an open conversation with staff about priorities and business logistics. Ask what employees want as far as time off. Some might want as many work hours as possible, others want to match their spouse or partner’s vacation schedule, or have other priorities. Ask each year, as priorities change over time. Instead of trying to guess or directing a specific schedule, talk with them and ask for feedback. Mark it on the calendar, notify staff and customers. They need advance notice to make plans. 

Employee evaluations need to be scheduled and consistent. Part of the process involves getting feedback from staff and working together as a team for improvement. Leaving employee reviews to last minute or unintentionally surprising an employee with a review can cause unnecessary anxiety. There shouldn’t be any surprises in an evaluation, because feedback and training should happen often and on a regular basis. 

Price reviews and increases should be planned and communicated with plenty of notice. Reviewing prices and announcing changes in the October to December timeframe, with new pricing taking effect January 1st, is the most common approach in the pet care industry. Some business owners prefer a strategic move with price changes before the winter holidays, not after.

Here are some other suggestions to help outline the year and keep you on track:

Focus on Planning

Focus on Marketing & Advertising

Focus on Decluttering & Cleaning

Focus on Employee Ideas & Projects

Focus on Work-Life Balance

Focus on Health

Try a personal training session such as yoga, spinning, weight lifting or boxing.

Focus on Safety

Focus on Self-Care

Focus on Training & Education

Focus on Relationships

Focus on Gratitude

Focus on Finances