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Picking up the Pieces

Picking up the Pieces

By Staff

2020 has been a year filled with challenges, especially for pet professionals in the boarding and daycare industry. While many facilities are back to work, the lack of travel throughout the United States has taken a toll on our industry.

We recently conducted a survey of over 275 boarding and daycare facilities.

The results of this survey, as highlighted below, express how hard the boarding and daycare industry has been hit, as well as offer valuable resources to assist in the approaching months.

How much has business decreased due to COVID-19?

What services are you offering to help make up for the loss in business?

How many employees does your facility employ?

How many staff members have you relieved of their duties since COVID-19?

Have you received any government funding, financial grants, etc?

Have you or any staff members furthered your education or skills by way of virtual learning?

With vaccines becoming more easily available, as well as nationwide restrictions being lifted, there is hope in the near future. To assist in your rebuilding efforts, we’re pleased to announce Pet Boarding and Daycare Virtual Expo: Picking Up The Pieces. This four-part online webinar series, held May 3-6, provides a toolkit for pet boarding and daycare businesses to adapt to the societal changes caused by the pandemic. During the live webinars, attendees are encouraged to use our chat feature to participate in valuable discussions. In order to create a space where pet professionals can openly discuss issues, both peer to peer and with our speakers, this event will only be offered live. We encourage owners and their employees to take part in this unique event. 

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