Pet Boarding & Daycare

Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo 2017

Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo 2017

November 6 - 9, 2017

By Staff

Hershey, Pennsylvania

A new program titled Pet Pro Panel Discussion will make its debut on Monday afternoon, for those coming in early and wanting to be a part of a round–table type of discussion on all things boarding and daycare. This four hour program will feature four industry experts there to answer your questions and share some tips to help you be proactive in any situation.

The Monday evening Keynote address, which is free to all attendees, will feature special guest Christine Russell, president of Camp Bow Wow. This is a great opportunity to learn some trade secrets and industry insights that helped make Camp Bow Wow the largest boarding and daycare franchise in the country.

New Programs

Brand new programs continue Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Some of the new two hour programs include Laura Laaman’s Four Pillars of Success, Amanda Crook’s Managing Risks with Off-Leash Play, Dr. Lisa Aumiller’s Winning Protocols for a Safe Kennel, and Amber Burckhalter’s Safety and Evaluations in the Daycare Space.

Among the new four hour programs are Pet Lover to Pet Care Business Owner: Financing, Building a Business Plan, Design and Equipment, which features three industry experts to walk you through the process of building a new facility—from financing all the way to choosing equipment. Also, Amanda Crook and Sara Beth Pinson’s Attracting, Developing, & Retaining Exceptional Animal Care Staff, which is an extensive program on finding the right staff members, proper staff training techniques and how to retain valuable staff members.

Are you wanting to add some certificates to your wall? This year’s expo also features two certificate programs. Get certified in Pet First Aid & CPR on Tuesday afternoon with Jill Pipino. Tuesday morning we are debuting Dr. Courtney Campbell’s Heroes for Healthy Pets which is a certification in infectious disease management.

Trade Show

We rearranged our Wednesday class schedule to allow for more trade show time. Two hour classes in the morning and then two hour classes in the evening frees up six whole hours to get the most out of the trade show. The trade show will also be open all day Thursday so you’ll have plenty of chances to visit all of your favorite vendors, in the new larger trade show hall!

Round Table Luncheons

Also, be sure to sign up for the Round Table Luncheons, held on Wednesday and Thursday, which will give you a chance to swap stories and ideas with some of your industry peers. The luncheons are included in certain packages or can be purchased separately.

Whether you’re opening a new facility, bringing in your staff for some education, or just want to stay current with all things boarding and daycare—you’re not going to want to miss this year’s Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo!

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