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Level up Your Pet Care Facility with Trending Technology

Level up Your Pet Care Facility with Trending Technology

By Fernando Acosta-Rua

Since I joined the pet care industry in 2007, monumental technological advances have improved the way the industry provides care and how customers’ evolving needs are met. In our increasingly digital world, pet parents are tech-savvy and expect the convenience of technology in pet care. 

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, more than 23 million households have adopted pets into their families. This rapid growth and the demand for convenient and affordable pet care have made it imperative that the pet care industry adjust and adapt to the new expectations of pet parents. 

To help support the new rapid growth and demand for pet care, many pet care facilities may choose to introduce new digital enhancements. Digital enhancements can elevate a customer’s experience, leading to an all-around improved experience to keep pets happy and customers returning. 

Technology is key to streamlining communication across a team of pet boarding and daycare professionals. By integrating electronic records on cloud-based systems, caregivers, veterinarians, groomers and other personnel can stay informed about the pets in their care. Allergies, medical history and visit history should always be easily accessible by staff. Integrated communications across teams can lead to an improved customer experience, a safer environment for the pets and an improved work experience. Internal communication is an important part of a team’s ability to thrive and innovate across different roles and responsibilities.

After connecting with pet parents throughout the years, I’ve come to understand the challenges pet parents can face when leaving their pet somewhere new for the first time. To alleviate some of the concern and worries, pet boarding facility owners can create an efficient channel of communication between veterinarians, caregivers and pet parents. 

One opportunity for boarding facilities to use technology to accomplish this link is incorporating live webcam feeds in play areas and boarding suites so pet parents feel a constant connection with their furry family members. Webcam technology can help pet boarding businesses develop a trusting relationship with the customer, leading to a reliable stream of revenue and regular boarding visitors. 

Pet boarding businesses can also provide daily image uploads and end-of-stay report cards that describe the pet’s routine while staying overnight. Another opportunity to provide more convenient services is through mobile apps such as curbside pet pick-up and drop-off. By being proactive in easing the client’s worries, pet boarding caregivers can save time by establishing expectations for updates and communications.

Technology has advanced significantly in the past decade and continues to improve internal and external efficiencies. One of the biggest advantages of incorporating technology is the ease of scheduling. Some pet boarding businesses allow bookings through branded mobile applications or websites. Using any preferred method, pet parents can book appointments and schedule drop-offs, which saves both the pet owners and the caregivers time and effort. 

The quality of pet care will remain a driving force behind technological advancements in boarding businesses. Implementing programs designed to maximize pet health, safety, and comfort while simultaneously improving staff and client communications provides pet parents the high-quality pet care they expect and deserve. 

If recent technological innovations in the pet care industry have taught us anything, it is that people love their pets and are willing to utilize a variety of new technology to ensure the very best for them. 

Fernando Acosta-Rua is the president and Chief Executive Officer of Pet Paradise. Since joining the team in 2007, Fernando has played a key role in accelerating the growth of Pet Paradise from three pet resorts with 45 employees in northeast Florida to more than 50 resorts in operation or under development in 11 states and with 1,700 employees. Pet Paradise is a comprehensive pet care, health and wellness provider offering overnight boarding, day camp, grooming and veterinary care. NewDay Veterinary Care, owned and operated by Pet Paradise, is a network of veterinary hospitals and clinics conveniently located inside Pet Paradise locations throughout the U.S. Visit for more information.