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Epoxy And Other Resinous Floor Coatings For Your Facility

Epoxy And Other Resinous Floor Coatings For Your Facility

By Sophia Daukus

In many types of facilities, flooring for dog kennels isn’t designed to withstand the damage that harsh conditions can cause, potentially harming dogs and people in animal training facilities, dog daycares, and other operations. The use of dog kennel floor coatings can keep floors sanitary and slip resistant.

 In using epoxy and other resinous floor coatings, facilities with dog kennels can benefit from flooring that meets their specific needs. Ultimately, polymer flooring can protect floors from damage while preventing the spread of disease and bacteria to protect animals and people.

The Best Flooring for Dog Kennels

Caring for dogs in kennels, doggie daycare centers, and dog training facilities requires owners to pay extraordinary attention to sanitation and hygiene. Correct maintenance, cleaning, and sanitizing are critical points in managing any “dog–centric” facility. Many canine diseases are highly contagious; kennel owners can better protect against the risk of infection by installing the appropriate type of high performance flooring.

Dog boarding areas, indoor play areas, and training rooms require constant cleaning and sanitizing. The job is made far easier and much more effective when the flooring system in the kennel is completely seamless. Seams in tile or other types of flooring pose significant risks to canine health. Bacteria, mold, germs, and odors will flourish in cracks. These older, less sanitary flooring systems require special cleaning procedures that add time and cost.

Installing the optimal type of seamless flooring system will not only better protect the health of dogs in the facility, it will significantly reduce the costs associated with ongoing maintenance. Scratch and urine–resistant seamless flooring make it far more possible to keep these areas clean and spotless, and involve much less maintenance.

Fluid Applied Polymer & Epoxy Floors for Dog Kennels

Dog kennel owners can make a safer, cleaner environment for pets (and humans) by installing a specially formulated epoxy or polymer flooring system. These floors can be scratch–resistant, capable of easily withstanding the constant contact with sharp dog nails, while being gentle upon sensitive paw pads. Polymer or epoxy flooring of the correct formulation will require no waxing or stripping. Chemical and stain resistance qualities can be added to the flooring material for a higher level of protection.

The design flexibility of fluid–applied flooring makes it an optimal solution for dog kennels, daycares and training facilities. The resin systems can be customized in a wide range of color options to suit a specific area, as well as adding coves and drainage slopes for easier, more effective cleaning. Most kennels have various areas with specific aesthetic requirements. Liquid-applied polymer resin or epoxy is ultimately made-to-order in color and appearance, and offers the ability to have custom add–ons such as embedded logos, defined walkways, and many other unique—and affordable—options.

Protecting A Concrete Sub–Floor in Kennels & Dog Daycare Facilities

Eliminating grout lines, corners, and seams can help provide the ultimate protection to the concrete subfloor in the facility. If breached, the subfloor can become saturated with toxic, infectious substances, ultimately needing to be replaced—at a very high cost. Polymer flooring can withstand some of the harshest industrial cleaners without sustaining damage, and helps to keep all areas protected against the spread of dog illnesses and diseases—as well as protecting against the unpleasant odors of dog urine and feces.

Speed of Installation: An Advantage for Dog Kennel Owners

Installation of flooring systems should be done quickly and efficiently so that the facility can avoid having to halt operations. Polymer resin flooring or epoxy floor systems make it possible to have fast turnaround, professional flooring installation, so you have a cleaner, safer, germ and bacteria–resistant floor in short order. These flooring systems are the ideal option for any dog, cat or animal facility, and can be rapidly installed in newly–established dog kennels. If you have an older facility that needs refurbishment, consider replacing the existing floor with this cost–effective solution.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Within the growing pet care industry, dog owners often have several local dog kennels to choose from. Among the various features influencing whether or not an owner selects a given facility usually include overall appearance, cleanliness and detectable odors. Presenting a clean, fresh appearance and having a long history of maintaining dog health are important aspects in growing a successful dog kennel business. When expanding an existing facility, updating, or establishing a new dog kennel operation, having the right animal–friendly flooring can make a dramatic difference in customer response—and repeat business.

Pet Resorts: The Ultimate in Dog Boarding Kennels

Pet resorts are a popular option for dog owners who want to ensure their little friends get the ultimate in care and attention. Decorative epoxy or polymer resin flooring can make a dog hotel appear more luxurious, clean, and bright, while providing the necessary germ and bacteria resistance, scratch resistance, and odor control. Custom colors, blends and patterns can give the entire facility a more upscale and welcoming appearance.

The Dangers of Older Flooring in Dog Kennels

Older floors can require intensive cleaning and maintenance procedures that may contribute to health issues in animals. For example, regular use of toxic chemical cleaning agents can potentially impact a dog’s respiratory and overall health. It is important to find a flooring option that allows staff to clean the surface thoroughly, without worrying about the proliferation of bacteria in grout, cracks, seams, and other features of older floors that make the spread of diseases more possible. Protect all areas of your kennel or animal facility, including feeding stations, bathing areas, laundry, cage areas, play/exercise rooms and reception—each with a customized polymer or epoxy floor that provides easy clean–ability, exceptional durability and other unique, high value benefits.

Word–of–Mouth & Dog Kennel Success

Word–of–mouth is one of the most effective ways to create business and build trust in a dog kennel operation; the same is true when it comes to damaging reputation. Social media can play a large role. A single bad online review describing a negative client experience, such as a dog getting injured or contracting disease in a given facility, can have a huge impact upon future business. It is therefore more important than ever for kennel owners to carefully manage all health and safety issues affecting animal residents and caretaker employees—as well as the financial well–being of the business. Optimal kennel flooring can contribute to a facility’s bottom line by providing a long–lasting, slip–inhibiting surface with a seamless, impervious, chemical and microbe–resistant finish that’s easy and economical to clean, furnishing outstanding life cycle value.

Sophia Daukus is a Business Development Manager for Florock Polymer Flooring, manufactured by Crawford Laboratories, Inc., Chicago. Founded in 1952, Florock offers one of the most complete lines of epoxy flooring and concrete floor coatings on the market with decorative, high performance solutions to address the unique conditions of nearly every application. From manufacturing to food processing, from education to retail and beyond, Florock provides facilities across a broad spectrum of industries with optimal protection and outstanding flooring value. For more information visit