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Doggy Daycare: A Worldwide Trend

Doggy Daycare: A Worldwide Trend

By Jen Phillips April

If you’re in the pet care business, you’re well aware that statistics show pet parents spend ever-increasing sums to care for their pets every year. In the U.S. alone, pet parents spent $103.6 billion in 2020.1And doggy daycare is part of this trend. 

Geared toward pet parents who want their pups to have a safe space to play and socialize with other dogs, doggy daycare is a slice of the 9.7-billion-dollar pet services sector in the U.S. 

Of course, dogs in every country deserve great care. That’s why doggy daycares around the world offer playtime for international pups, because people love their pets no matter where they live! 

The U.S. does lead the pack with the most facilities recorded, with the UK in a close second. And, like the varying costs of everything else between countries, doggy daycare rates are no different.

The Doggy Daycare Report2 was put together by and shares average rates at canine daycares around the world. 

So, how does your area measure up with, say, Switzerland? 

Budgeting aside, you’re probably not surprised to hear that Switzerland is the most expensive doggy daycare option in the world. Maybe that’s why there are only 172 doggy daycares in the picturesque country. 

The average daily rate for Swiss pooches is £41.35 (roughly $46 USD). That’s double the typical rate in the U.S., which is $23.77. 

Turkey is the third cheapest country for daily canine care. It clocks in at £11.63 (roughly $15.68), yet, that represents 75.6% of the Turk’s annual income if they put their pup in for full-time daycare! Percentage-wise, that’s a lot, which means part-time or occasional doggy daycare is more likely. 

Costa Rica is the next least expensive country for dog daycare at £9.52 ($13). Yet, full-time doggy daycare runs £2,285 ($3,076.63) per year, representing 34.7% of the annual Costa Rican income. 

Hungary is the least expensive country at only £8.39 ($11.31) for a day rate or £167.80/ month (about $225 USD).

Proportionally speaking, The Netherlands is one of the most affordable doggy daycare options. The average price runs £3,891 ($5,196) for full-time, year-round canine daycare. That represents 14.7% of their overall earnings or only 8.63% for part-time care. 

As a doggy daycare provider, you’ve likely researched your area, know your costs and set your rates accordingly. A NYC doggy daycare will naturally be a higher rate than one in rural Alabama. 

It starts with a good fit for the area. Cities have different constraints than less congested areas. The canine population often changes based on the location, too.

Additionally, what types of dogs you care for and the services you offer will vary. For example, some dog daycares cater to small pups in an indoor-only environment. Others offer extensive playgrounds for high-energy dogs. 

As far as services, some facilities include a taxi service to and from daycare while others offer dog grooming and training services. After all, once pet parents trust you with their dog, they tend to want you to do everything dog related. 

Besides knowing your target audience, your human customers will sing your praises when their dog returns home happy and well-adjusted. It’s all about having the correct processes and procedures, well-trained staff and excellent customer service in pleasant surroundings. 

As a doggy daycare provider, you’re in a great business. You obviously love dogs and want to provide them with a terrific experience. At the same time, doggy daycare facilities reflect their location in everything from types of buildings and services offered to price. How does your facility compare to those on the other side of the world?


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