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Boarding Kennels: The Design Process<br>The Text Book for Your New Facility!

Boarding Kennels: The Design Process
The Text Book for Your New Facility!

From the Editor

By Rebecca Shipman

Making its debut this fall, is a brand new book for the boarding and daycare industry. Craig McAllester’s Boarding Kennels: The Design Process will be available for purchase mid–November—just in time for the Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo in Hershey, PA!

“I started designing kennels in 2003. I soon became the exclusive designer for a company that manufactured a modular kennel building for years, until the owner passed. I spent hours in lectures and attending trade shows to gain as much knowledge about the industry as I possibly could. With each new client, I gained even more experience. And since I first started, I have designed over 250 boarding kennels, animal shelters or police/military kennels.” States author, Craig McAllester.

Craig has authored a few other books, including Kennels: The Construction Process, as well as regular blogs and articles in Pet Boarding & Daycare magazine. But Craig saw the need for a detailed reference material—starting from square one—on the kennel design and building process.

“It seemed that with each passing month, I spend several hours explaining the same things, over and over and over. If they only had a reference,” says Craig.

“So often, people come to me with a list of wants and desires for their kennel that may include items such as in-floor radiant heating. And questions like ‘Why must I remove the water from the air; it has already evaporated? Can’t we use a sprinkler system to wash the kennel and make it self–cleaning? How do I soundproof my kennel; it’s so loud, the neighbor are beginning to complain,” McAllester continues.

Even with going into great detail, the book is very easy to read and understand. It includes many color photos, diagrams and even a glossary to define some of those foreign design and construction terms.

“It is my hope that the reader will use this book as a reference not only for building their new facility, but also after the business is open, money is coming in, and questions arise. Make notes in the margins, and keep all your thoughts on boarding kennel design in one place. Who knows, maybe you will build another kennel one day. If you can’t find the answer, give me a call. If I don’t know the answer, I know who does,” says Craig.

Boarding Kennels: The Design Process by Craig McAllester will be available for purchase mid–November at This is the new “must have” book to make your dream of expanding, building new or a remodeling a kennel a reality!