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Barkleigh Productions to Debut PetVet Magazine

Barkleigh Productions to Debut PetVet Magazine

A Practical Guide for Pet Health Professionals

By Barkleigh Productions

pet vet magazineBarkleigh Productions is excited to announce the July debut of the bi-monthly PetVet Magazine. The magazine will celebrate the wonderful, complex and interesting people that make up the veterinarian industry. PetVet Magazine will have peer reviewed content on topics such as veterinarian lifestyle, best practices, client services, business trends, pet welfare and industry news.

“For decades Barkleigh Productions has been publishing innovative trade magazines for the pet care industry, specifically for grooming and pet boarding professionals. So, it only makes sense that they are now creating a new veterinary magazine that is a blend of practice management, professional development, with a twist of real life medicine. Featuring quality content from respected experts, PetVet Magazine is on track to fill a void in the veterinary trade magazine world,” states Jill Lopez, DVM, MBA, Merck Senior Brand Manager, US Companion Animal Business Unit.

In the works is the formation of a six-member advisory board made up of influential individuals who are passionate about being on the front line of an ever-changing industry. PetVet Magazine will be edited by Rebecca Shipman who is one of PetAge’s 2017 40 under 40 nominees and is the Managing Editor of Groomer to Groomer Magazine and Editor in Chief of Pet Boarding and Daycare Magazine.

Barkleigh is the premiere company serving the pet care industry. Barkleigh produces Groomer to Groomer and Pet Boarding & Daycare magazines. They produce ten industry trade shows, including Groom Expo, Groom Expo West, Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo, The All-American Grooming Show, among others plus, World Dog Expo. Newer ventures include GroomerTV and BarkTV. Barkleigh also has a line of products dedicated to pet care professionals.

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