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6 Reasons Why Marketing Automation Software Can Benefit Your Pet Business

6 Reasons Why Marketing Automation Software Can Benefit Your Pet Business

By Andy Smit

However, it’s not just any service, its providing personalized experiences for both 2–legged and 4–legged guests.

The question is, how? How can you be more engaged with your customers and provide them with an experience that will WOW them? Well, your current software is doing a great job simplifying your everyday tasks such as customer management, pet management and even employee management. However, what about the biggest and most important software you have yet to use or hear about? The one that helps you get customers and keep them coming back. I bet your wondering, “what software is that?”

The answer is simple; Marketing Automation Software. From the moment your customer finds you online (Google, your website etc.), the process of providing a great experience begins. Your website and its usability, and even its design say more about your business than you may think. More importantly, if the customer does not convert, the likelihood of losing that customers to the competition increases drastically.

So, what is marketing automation? In short, marketing automation helps when it comes to attracting, engaging and retaining customers. It helps automate traditional manual tasks for you so you can focus more time on your customers and your business.

These Everyday Tasks Include:

So then why use marketing automation software to help streamline these manual processes?

1. Become More Efficient

Marketing Automation Software helps owners save significant time by making them more efficient in their daily tasks. We all want to be marketing gurus, but the facts are, we can manage all of it! Utilizing marketing automation solutions can therefore help owners increase revenues and lower overhead costs by allowing them to focus on new ways to drive business.

2. Provide Better Customer Service

If you had a software to streamline communication with your customers or build a more personalized experience from the moment they get on your website or walk in your daycare, would you? There are many possibilities, but ultimately, automation technology gives people a better overall experience. It allows them to be more proactive in securing new or existing reservations. It helps cut time for your receptionist in answering phone calls or responding to emails, and instead allows them to contact customers and thank them for purchasing a service.

3. Increase Customer Retention

The customer’s experience does not end at checkout. This is a mistake often made that can make a drastic difference in keeping a customer or losing one. Providing high levels of service before, during, and after each stay will increase your chances of keeping a customer long term. Customers today want to feel valued and appreciated for the money they invest in your business. Going the extra mile can lead to not only happy customers, but positive feedback (testimonials) and reviews!

4. Increase Positive Feedback and Reviews

There are many ways you can solicit reviews from customers. However, the most optimal time to do so is after the stay has concluded. The only problem is, relying on “asking” is a lot harder than most think. Today more than ever, pet parents are busy. They may not have the time to let you know how great the service was, in fact they often forget by the time they walk out the door. Simple automated messages via text or email reminding the customer to write about their experience can increase your chances of receiving a review drastically.

5. Get MORE Customers

Happy customers are often your biggest asset! Why? These customers will not only share their experience with others but also become a sales engine for your business, socially. Marketing automation software helps put the power of referral based marketing in the hands of your customers. Turning your most valued customers into your brand advocates is not only effective, but also affordable! This is especially important since 97% of consumers are more likely to use a business’ services if it was referred to them by a friend or family member!

6. Increase the Lifetime Value of a Customer

The question often heard at tradeshows and seminars is, “What can I do to increase my revenues?” The answer? Start with your existing customer database. The customers already using your services are much easier to sell due to existing relationships. But how do you do so? People naturally do not like to be sold, however, when a service is recommended to them through email, text or online, they often make the decision themselves. Marketing Automation Software can do just that.

Email Example:

Thank you for making a reservation with us, Maggie! Buster will have a great time with us, playing, having a blast. Let’s add a bath so that he comes home feeling and smelling good! Click below to add!

All in all, marketing automation software can truly benefit your pet care business in various areas including customer acquisition, referrals, social engagement, customer retention and even soliciting reviews. So, what are you waiting for?

Andy is a self-proclaimed “serial petrepreneur”. His passion for the pet industry and technology has allowed him to launch several innovative, venture backed companies in the pet industry. Andy currently serves as Managing Partner at Pet Industry Solutions, LLC (DBA Pet Business Solutions), a marketing and consulting firm for pet industry startups and entrepreneurs. Prior to Pet Business Solutions, he co–founded SwiftPet, Inc., the first marketing and reputation management software for the pet services industry. In 2011, Andy also Co-Founded Furlocity, Inc., the fastest growing online marketplace for booking pet boarding, veterinary and pet travel accommodations. In his career, Andy has been recognized several times for his accomplishments as a pet industry innovator.